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Monroe City Hall


City of Monroe



Intersection of Community and Local Governance

Project Details


Monroe, WA, USA


7.72 acres


Civil Engineering

The Monroe City Hall project supported an $11M construction project to renovate and remodel buildings and parking lots on the 7.72 acre municipal campus. Ethos Civil designed the expansion and reconfiguration of existing parking areas to add 64 parking stalls, enhance sidewalks and upgrade the driveway connection to Main Street and improve a pedestrian plaza. Along with typical demolition plans, erosion and sedimentation control plans and site grading improvements, Ethos Civil designed stormwater conveyance systems, flow control systems, treatment systems and onsite stormwater management systems that met Low Impact Development requirements. Ethos Civil pursued a deep infiltration system that reduced the stormwater storage system by roughly 60% and saved the client $170,000. We also provided utility service design for new sanitary sewer, domestic water, fire protection services, as well as dry utilities including gas, power and communications. Access around the site was closely coordinated with the fire department to ensure that appropriate emergency vehicle access was provided to all key parts of the site.

The Monroe City Hall site required significant modifications to accommodate the modernized city facilities. Budgetary constraints made it very challenging to upgrade stormwater facilities to current state codes. Had a traditional stormwater design been pursued, it would have made the project financially infeasible. Ethos Civil carefully pursued a stormwater infiltration system at deeper depths. By increasing the system depths to 10’ deep, we were able to reach soils that allowed much faster infiltration rates. The resulting stormwater storage system was 60% smaller, resulting in a savings of $170,000 for the client, allowing funds to be applied to building modernization. Additionally, the infiltration solution is more sustainable, reducing storm runoff and increasing groundwater recharge.

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