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Comprehensive Life Resources


Comprehensive Mental Health of Pierce County



Head-to-Toes Behavioral Healthcare

Project Details


Tacoma, WA, USA


89,000 sqft


Civil Engineering

The Comprehensive Life Resources project consists of remodeling an existing, four-story, 89,000 square-foot building to create a behavioral health facility. Site improvements include new utility services, a stormwater conveyance network, sidewalk, curb and gutter, street pavement, driveway entrances, and a mid-block pedestrian crossing. The project will achieve LEED Silver. J.C. Richards served as the general contractor and Ferguson Architecture served as the architect.

Public street and sidewalk improvements were required that would typically require modifying elevations at the edge of the existing zero lot line building. The existing building contained multiple garage driveways and pedestrian egress doors that could not easily change in elevation. Ethos Civil successfully overcame this challenge by utilizing curbs with varying heights and by modifying grades of the adjacent street. This design required close coordination with reviewing staff at the City of Tacoma, the project architect, and other team members. The grading solution allowed the existing driveway entrances and egress doors to remain in-place, which provided significant building construction cost savings. The solution also reduced the amount of work required to remodel the existing building, which kept the project on schedule.

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